The Juice with Jemeni (Mon, Jan 16)

The Juice with Jemeni (Mon, Jan 16)

January 16, 2012 | G-BLOG

MARIAH CAREY has a reputation for being a diva. But NICK CANNON wants you to know that she’s doing an amazing job of taking care of him while he recovers from kidney failure. Nick presented Mariah with the Entertainer of the Year Award on Saturday night at the “2012 BET Honors”. And he told the crowd, quote, “When times are hard, you guys don’t see her at 3 o’clock in the morning, getting up in the middle of the night, fixing me soup when my kidneys ain’t acting right. Mariah Carey does that.” He added, quote, “It is truly, truly a blessing to be here tonight, and I am humbled and in awe of everyone’s presence, but mostly my hero right there. “What most people don’t get the opportunity to experience is the true woman; the virtuous person who is my angel.” The show was taped Saturday night, but it doesn’t actually air until February 13th.

(Idris Elba and Octavia Spencer hold thier hardware)
The Golden Globes went down last night, and host Ricky Gervais went in but according to some, also went soft… He started by saying quote, “The ‘Golden Globes’ are to the ‘Oscars’ what Kim Kardashian is to KATE MIDDLETON … a bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker and more easily bought, allegedly. WOW. Celebrities were also hitting back at Ricky. Like when he introduced MADONNA as a presenter and very sarcastically said she’s still “like a virgin”. Madonna replied, quote, “If I’m still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don’t you come up here and do something about it? I haven’t kissed a girl in a few years. On TV.” Perhaps the most awesome moment of the night was when MORGAN FREEMAN was given a lifetime achievement award. The video retrospective of his career included a long-forgotten clip from the ’70s PBS show “The Electric Company” in which he’s a vampire taking a bath in a casket. Here’s the link! lol
Another highlight was real-life husband and wife FELICITY HUFFMAN and WILLIAM H. MACY presenting an award IN SONG. MERYL STREEP and KATE WINSLET won awards. Big surprise there, right? GEORGE CLOONEY picked up a trophy for “The Descendants” which also won best drama . . . and CLAIRE DANES won for her cable series “Homeland”, which was also named the best TV drama. “Modern Family” got best comedy (whoo hoo!!!) PETER DINKLAGE (who I luuuuuvvvv) won a supporting actor award for HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and supplied one of the night’s more poignant moments, when he asked viewers to Google the name Martin Henderson. Henderson is a dwarf who may spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair after being picked up and thrown to the ground outside a British pub. His attacker may have been inspired by stories about “dwarf tossing.” Octavia Spencer picked up a win for her role in “The Help”

It’s only been a week since JAY-Z and BEYONCÉ brought a baby into the world . . . and there’s already a strain of marijuana named after her. Although, this may be inevitable . . . when you name your daughter BLUE IVY. According to TMZ, “Multiple weed dispensaries in Hollywood are cashing in . . . by selling a new strain of marijuana called ‘OG Blue Ivy.'” There’s no word if Jay-Z and Beyoncé know of this… or have tried it..

In other news, KEVIN BACON and KYRA SEDGWICK recently found out something interesting about themselves: They were related even before they got married. Kevin and Kyra had their family histories traced for a new PBS series called “Finding Your Roots” . . . and the genealogists discovered that they’re DISTANT COUSINS. They’re also both descended from people who owned slaves. (The show also discovered that Harry Connick Jr. has Confederate ancestors, and that there was a “gruesome murder” in Robert Downey Jr.’s family two generations ago. It debuts in March.)
Big up to Baby Cham and Lady O for waking up early to hang out in the morning with myself and my homie Mark Strong!!! Here’s some pics we took in the G987fm studios.


hope you were able to check out the interview, and or listen to the podcast we really loved having Cham and O in studio with us. Big up to SPEX for setting that up! Ummm bet you didnt know Cham was married 😉 or that O (who is the featured singer on his song WINE) is also his awesome wife! :)) Thats the juice! lolol
Happy MLK Day Guys!

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