The Juice with Jemeni! (Tues, Jan 10)

The Juice with Jemeni! (Tues, Jan 10)

January 10, 2012 | G-BLOG

SNOOP DOGG was busted for pot possession in Texas over the weekend. Border Patrol agents stopped Snoop’s tour bus at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, which is a small town just
outside of El Paso. It started off as a routine check . . . but eventually some drug-sniffing dogs were brought in, and a few joints were found.  Snoop admitted that they were his.
Snoop has a medical marijuana license in California . . . but that doesn’t mean anything in Texas, because he was cited for misdemeanor possession. A court date was set for next Friday, the 20th . . . but Snoop can resolve the whole thing by agreeing to pay a $537 fine.  It’s unclear if he plans to go that route. Coincidentally, WILLIE NELSON was busted at the exact
same checkpoint in 2010.

Jay-Z’s New Song For His Baby Blue
Jay-Z Has Written a Song About His New Daughter Blue Ivy And It Reveals That Beyonce Had a Miscarriage. The song is called “Glory featuring B.I.C.”  The B.I.C. stands for Blue Ivy Carter . . . who gets a credit because the track ends with audio of his new baby blue crying. Not surprisingly, the song is about how enamoured he is with his baby girl.  But it also reveals that this was at least BEYONCÉ’S SECOND pregnancy . . . because she had an unsuccessful one previously. Jay raps, quote, “You was made in Paris, mama woke up the next day and shot an album package/Last time the miscarriage was so tragic…we was afraid you disappeared but naw baby you magic. You’re everything that I prayed for, God’s gift I wish I woulda prayed more. You’re a child of destiny, you’re the child of my destiny, you’re the child of the child of Destiny’s Child…that’s a hell of a recipe…” (siiiiiiiiigh… too cute! :))
here’s the link!


Tebow Gets Some Religious Slaps
A lot of people think God is working directly through TIM TEBOW, but Religious leaders in New England don’t buy it.  At least a few of them, anyway. Tebow’s Denver Broncos take on
the Patriots this Saturday, and the only quarterback they want God to bless is TOM BRADY. Reverend Stephen Ayers from the Old North Church in Boston says, quote, “I’m not sure
God is a huge football fan but Tim Tebow is more than welcome to come worship with us on Sunday morning . . . after hopefully losing to us.” And Reverend Amy Alletzhauser says
that her Calvary United Methodist Church in Rhode Island is selling a Tebow sub sandwich at a fundraiser this weekend.   But it’s a veggie sub . . . or, as Reverend Amy describes it
 quote, “it’s without meat, guts, or glory.” TMZ did find one who’s backing Tebow.  His name is Joseph Coppola, and he’s pastor of the New England Baptist Church. He says, quote,
“I’ll root for the Denver Broncos because I believe that Tim Tebow is a guy who . . . has a long way to go as far as being a quarterback.  (WOW)
Choppa Style Chop Chop Choppa Style.
For any fans of the original Making the Band show… Media takeout is reporting that cast member Chopper (Choppa style, choppa choppa style)  was SHOT last night in Chicago. Apparently he was out a little TOO ICY and driving around in a Lamborghini when the WOLVES CAME OUT, and he got SHOT. Luckily for Choppa he SURVIVED the shooting, kept his chain and is expected to make a COMPLETE RECOVERY!!! (Somewhere, I’m sure his some-times bed friend super groupie Kat Stacks is happy to hear he’s ok)

Betty’s Still Hot!
NBC has announced BETTY WHITE’S new tv show is a senior citizen prank show.  It’s called “Off Their Rockers”, and it features seven senior citizens playing pranks on unsuspecting
younger people.  Unfortunately, Betty isn’t one of them, but she is the host. The show premieres Sunday night. By the way, Betty turns 90 years old next Tuesday. Go on hot girl! Here’s Betty feat …. singing “Betty’s Hot”
and for Tues, Jan 10th that’s the Juice! 🙂

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