UN report warns of violence faced by Iraqi civilians

Jan 20, 2016 | NEWS | 0 comments

UN officials say violence suffered by civilians in Iraq ‘remains staggering’ with at least 18,800 killed between January 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015. The report by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights highlights the horror Iraqi refugees are attempting to escape from in their homelands. Some 3.2 million people have been displaced internally in that 18 month period. The report is based on interviews with the displaced and direct testimony from victims, survivors or witnesses of rights abuses. Officials recorded alleged abuses by troops, militiamen and Kurdish forces. The UN has accused the so-called Islamic State of systematic and widespread violence including killing in gruesome public spectacles by shooting, beheading, bulldozing, burning alive and throwing people off the top of building, in addition to holding some 3,500 people, mainly women and children, as slaves.
(Image source: NBC News)

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