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Women 'nearing equality with men – in alcohol consumption'

Women have caught up with men, at least when it comes to knocking back alcohol – a global study of drinking habits shows. Click here to read full story

Venezuela political foes to hold talks in surprise move

Venezuela’s government and its opposition set a date for talks over the country’s political crisis after President Nicolas Maduro meets with Pope Francis. Click here to read full story

Water war?

In Central Asia, a crisis is brewing over water and electricity. Some countries have energy, the others water – but they cannot seem to agree how to share resources. Click here to read full story

Thai tourism after the death of the king

How has tourism in Thailand been affected since the death of the King? Click here to read full story

Screen shocker

A wheelchair-bound disability activist who was assaulted in India for not standing up to the national anthem recounts his harrowing experience. Click here to read full story

Trump 'n' cheese

What happened when Katy Watson visited the Pinche Gringo BBQ joint in Mexico City to gauge the reaction to the final televised US presidential debate. Click here to read full story

Painting for peace

After nearly three years of war, South Sudanese artists want to get the country thinking and talking about peace, and have landed on a novel way to do it. Click here to read full story

Quetta police college attack leaves dozens dead

Dozens of people are killed after militants mount an attack on a police training college in the Pakistani city of Quetta, officials say. Click here to read full story

Mosul offensive 'could take months to drive out IS fighters'

An Iraqi operation to recapture the city of Mosul, the last major stronghold of so-called Islamic State in the country, is under way. Click here to read full story

Clinton emails: 'Quid pro quo' bid to bury Benghazi message

The State Department denies one of its officials pressured the FBI to change the classification of a Hillary Clinton email in a “quid pro quo”. Click here to read full story

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