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Night Time Music with The Way We Groove


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VIDEO: Obama stars in spoof retirement video

Barack Obama stars in spoof retirement video as he nears the end of his second term as President of the United States Click here to read full story

Protesters quit Baghdad's Green Zone

Shia Muslim activists who occupied Iraq’s parliament on Saturday begin to leave Baghdad’s government district after a call by their leaders. Click here to read full story

Iran leader hails record vote for women

The president of Iran congratulates voters on electing a record number of women to parliament since before the 1979 Islamic revolution. Click here to read full story

German party adopts anti-Islam policy

The German right-wing Alternative fur Deutschland adopts an explicitly anti-Islam policy at a party conference marred by clashes. Click here to read full story

North Korea: The limits of small talk in Pyongyang

A little less conversation in North Korea Click here to read full story

Chemical leaks from US derailed train

A freight train derails in Washington DC, spilling hazardous liquid, but no injuries are reported and no evacuation orders are issued. Click here to read full story

Clashes erupt at French May Day march

French police clash with demonstrators in Paris during a May Day parade organised by trade unions to protest against a controversial labour bill. Click here to read full story

VIDEO: Fairgrounds and 'fake doctors' in North Korea

The ruling party in North Korea is due to hold its first congress in nearly 40 years, when Kim Jong-Un will be officially proclaimed as the country’s Supreme Leader. Click here to read full story

Obama's daughter Malia to go to Harvard

US President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia will attend Harvard University in 2017, after taking a gap year. Click here to read full story

Venezuelans lose sleep to save power

Venezuelans lose half an hour of sleep on Sunday when their clocks move forward to save power, as they grapple with a deep economic crisis. Click here to read full story

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